Topics and Results

  1. Theoretical analysis of existence and size distribution of coalitions in societies with heterogeneous agents.
  2. Empirical investigation of recent Russian economic history (1991–2011), including the key factors, which influenced the provenance and development of diversity in the Russian economy, with special interest in industrial structure, macroeconomic policy, diversification and international trade.
  3. Empirical and theoretical examination of linguistic diversity indices and their role in estimation of various economical outcomes, including with-in country income reallocation.
  4. Empirical investigation of the influence of major macroeconomic indicators (including inflation and economic growth) on social capital creation.
  5. Empirical investigation of the results of mutual influence between social networks and other factors of economic development and their joint influence on the collective action.
  6. Empirical investigation of diversity of context advertising content in internet search engines.
  7. A study of the population diversity influence on fiscal federalism policy, theoretical assessment of the population diversity influence on secession of regions and territories.
  8. The effects of economic diversity on environmental policy and international environmental agreements.

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